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Testimonials from Trust Life Coaching & Hypnosis clients:
"Tammy is an extremely gifted life coach.  She is amazing in her ability to be absolutely present, authentic, articulate, and able to track on multiple levels. She has astute eyes, ears and a lovely unconditional heart that are able to zoom in with lazer sharp perception to assess what is unfolding and how all the pieces fit together.  I can recommend her as one of the best all time humans on the planet to work with!"
-Robyn Boyd,  author of Rawsome Recipes
"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Tammy and felt like she really helped me make some tough decisions during a difficult time in my life.  She had a great ability to listen, identify the underlying issues and to raise probing questions.  She is an excellent sounding board-listening and guiding, but allowing me to find the right answers on my own.  Our discussions allowed me to take the steps I needed to turn things around for myself financially."
-Jenny Twaddle, BeachBody Diamond Coach
"I worked with Tammy Rust as a life coach on a specific issue that I needed help with, and she helped me unlock the door and resolve the issue.  She treated me with compassion and love, and gave me the tools I needed to grow.  I highly recommend her and hope you will consider working with her and unlocking your own potential."
-Andrew Bird, MA
"Tammy Rust is an exquisite life coach with a very grounded approach to help draw out your true self and personalized needs for successful advancement of your dreams.  She listens carefully and summarizes so accurately what she hears from her client.  With a few subtle and insightful suggestions I have been able to breakthrough some of those 'stuck' places and move forward with my goals."
-Dr. Pamela Masich, Chiropractor
"I’ve known Tammy Rust for over 20 years now and besides having her as a long-time friend, she has been invaluable over the years as a sounding board for many issues (trials or tribulations). She has assisted me as a Life Coach through many situations.  
The one that stands out most predominantly for me is when I finally came to the conclusion after years of testing and even more years of frustration that I would never be able to have children “naturally”.  Finally, both my husband I agreed to the next step; which was adoption.  This was/is something both extremely personal, and difficult.  Not only did I need Tammy to listen to my tear filled conversations about my desire to be a mom, but also for me to realize we would not be able to have our children grow up together were really hard things for me to accept.  Never once did Tammy tell me what to do, how to feel, or pass judgment on me or my husband.  Instead, she was there to be a friend to stand in the gap- when so many others were telling us what to do, or not to worry, or worse yet they told us their success story.  Tammy helped me feel complete, when I was feeling rather broken. She was a prayer warrior, coach and friend for me when we began the process of adoption.  I am happy to report we did adopt, and are in the process of doing a possible “Foster/Adopt” again.  Watch out Tammy- I will be calling for my next coaching session! 
Tammy is someone who over the years, I have come to trust her judgment of people and what they can become.  She sees the potential not only in people, but in every situation.  Her no-nonsense, gentle way she tells me: “get over myself” (as if I am the only person with infertility), and then with love she says: “how are we going to fix it”, and proceeds to help me map out a game plan.  She would never ever admit it, but I find that her sense of humor, and down to earth reality about any situation, is really quite comical and refreshing.  Tammy can get you to see the humor in many situations and I’ve learned to laugh about life instead of get so frustrated with myself and others.
You have a great coach for anything you need help to tackle.  Thanks Tammy!"
-Mimi Warfel, mom of two adorable adopted sons
"To Whom It May Concern, I have been working with Tammy Rust for many years having her coach me through a few major life changes (in my career) and also seeking her advice when it comes to some "just life" type of experiences. Frankly, I would not be where I am today without the help and guidance from Tammy Rust. Tammy has helped me to realize that I was better than the positions I held. She has helped me to find my strengths and capitalize on them. I have always felt that I had a good amount of self confidence but after working with Tammy, she has helped me to find even more of my own potential than I could have ever imagined. Tammy is a gentle but strong encourager and thinks with an open and wise mind. I appreciate Tammy's truthful and well thought out knowledge and encouragement. A bit of a background, I met Tammy when I was 27 years old. I had been successful working my way up through a company in the Hospitality for nearly six years prior. I worked hard and very loyally for those years to make "something" of myself but continued to hit my head against the wall and never felt like I worked hard enough or that I was good enough although I worked over 50 hours in a week and never got to spend time with my family for more than a day. Tammy helped me to realize that I was a hard worker, a great worker and that I deserved so much more than what I had to go through. Eventually I left that company and found a wonderful job that appreciated my talents and paid me more. I could go on and on explaining to you that after working for that wonderful company, I was ready to really spread my wings and Tammy helped me to discover that I am an incredible Boss of myself! Eight years after meeting Tammy Rust, I now own a very successful business in Santa Cruz. Basically without Tammy's excellent expertise and honesty, I would have never had the courage or maybe even the motivation to go out on my own and find my entrepreneur self! I will always be happy to answer any questions or be of reference to Tammy. I think everyone should have a Tammy Rust in their back pocket. "
— Karissa Paxton
This was on the notecard of unexpected flowers she sent me 11/16/10:
"Hi Tammy, I want to say thank you for our call on Monday and then the follow-up on Tuesday. It was such a blessing...I was able to work through something which I had been really struggling with for the past couple of weeks. I appreciate your wisdom, your compassion, your willingness to follow spirits guidance.""
— J. T.
"If you have always wanted to know why you, (fill in your own blank: spend more that you earn, go after the wrong jobs, partners or friends or why you never finish what you start, have a job you love, etc.); If you are truly tired of reading self-help books and spending thousands on therapy, Tammy can quickly and easily help you find the key to unlocking that Aha! moment you have been waiting for all of your life.  Tammy's warmth and unconditional acceptance of me as well as her ability to point out nonsense, (I like to call it her B.S. detector), made it so easy to get to the real issues and work on what was hampering my ability to move past them.  Tammy has a clarity of thought and understanding that is unmatched in my experience.  She has helped me see the real cause of some of my most troubling and frustrating habits and then helped me find the right tools to work on conquering these issues."
-Anne Nies
"In my experience, I have found Tammy to be extremely intuitive, kind and compassionate.  She has guided me through some issues I was working with very beautifully and accurately.  After speaking with Tammy I felt a new opening in how I related to the issue I was working with.  I was able to process and see things with much more clarity.  I felt very comfortable working with Tammy and trusted her wisdom and inner knowing.  Tammy uses her gifts in service to her clients and I am glad to have the opportunity to work with her.  I highly recommend Tammy to anyone seeking a great coach with clear vision." 
-Julie Fatemian 
"Tammy Rust is a gifted listener and she actually hears what I say without judgment.  Her ability to rise to a higher plane as I get focused on the smaller picture is amazing!  My own higher purposes are always the topic, instead of  the small daily circles that just tend to hold me back.  Her input speaks to me, in my head, when times get away from me.  She speaks the truth, and her grounded words are soothing and touch my soul.  She is a strong person who sees me as the same.  She sees me as a person who is striving for my own best, my own higher self.  She truly walks with me, I am honored to know her, and I highly recommend her in all her work!"
-Barbara Beyke
"Tammy is a bright, quick and intuitive counselor and coach.  I feel safe opening up about ANY issue.  I know it will all be met with love and a solution.  Go see her today-you are worth it!"
-Johnny O' Callaghan
"Tammy Rust's unique style of coaching provides positive direction balanced with intuitive business acumen and healing attributes that help elevate one's profesional, personal and spiritual endeavors to self-actualized greatness!"
-Lynn Isenberg  Author-Producer-Brand Integration  Focus Media, Inc.
"Tammy is well prepared to provide powerful and insightful coaching services both from the wealth of her experience and education.  Tammy's depth of compassion could melt the thickest river of hardness for anyone who feels stuck.  I love working with Tammy and have the greatest respect for what she brings to her practice.  It is my privilege to endorse her!"
-Glea Citron
"Tammy is a gentle life coach and she has a soothing approach to all issues.  I was blessed to find her in my path when I was going thrugh some difficult times.  She listens carefully, repeats what you have to say, and in the process is able to guide you to the solution in such a gentle way that you end up feeling good about yourself.  Her suggestions were to the point and I was able to start enjoying life again.  I was lucky to find her and will not hesitate to ask her for help again when I need it."
-Sofia Salamanca
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